Three days left until Press Reset

Hi there! Quick update from me today: we’re three days out from my new book Press Reset: Ruin and Recovery in the Video Game Industry, and I couldn’t be more excited. The best part about writing a book is that moment when it’s finally in people’s hands. I’ve been doing a bunch of podcasts and interviews to promote the book, some of which aren’t out yet, but here are a few notable links:

My interview with The Verge on why even successful game studios close and how the insatiable shareholder need for growth causes problems for everyone:

This extremely fun Defector podcast ep with Drew Magary and David Roth about Curt Schilling’s love for centaurs and, of course, the Jets:

An episode of Triple Click all about the book, the video game industry’s woes, and why I’m still optimistic despite the bleakness of it all:

Much more to come! For now, you can still pre-order the book wherever’s most convenient for you. (Amazon, Bookshop, Audible, etc) Three days to go!!!